Are you only attracted to a beautiful mind?

Have you ever felt that you simply don’t understand the importance many people seem to place on ‘looks’.

If you often find yourself being attracted to someones personality further than the initial impression they give you, you might fall into the ‘demisexual’ category.

14 signs you are a demisexual:

1. You aren’t interested in random hook ups

The world seems geared towards a fast-food system of dating. How many of your friends meet people on night’s out and go home with them? Does this sound like you?

2. You know what you like

Demisexuals do not get excited at the thought of any kind of sex with anyone, there needs to be a deeper connection there.

3. You enjoy conversations more than sex

You will be way more excited at the thought of talking all night with someone you really get on with than an empty sexual experience.

4. You aren’t attracted to strangers

You find it bizarre that people say they are attracted to people they don’t know, or celebrities. How can they know if they have never spoken to them?

5. People say you have high standards

Your friends and family think you have too high standards, but the truth is you are saving yourself for someone really special.

6. You don’t crave physical touch

The thought of brushing thighs with a stranger does not excite you, rather it revolts you.

7. You ‘date’ friends

Your dating history history reads like a who’s who of all your previous good friends.

8. You might get called a prude

Other people think you are prudish due to your lack of casual hook ups, truth is you just aren’t interested.

9. You sometimes get turned off by the idea of sex

The thought of sex with the ‘wrong’ person gives you the creeps.

10. You value emotional connections over anything else

You would say that having a strong emotional connection with someone is more important than what they look like.

11. You never understood the media obsession with sex

You felt left out of the dialogue when the world seems to obsess over sex as a product.

12. You understand asexuals

You might have felt that you fit into the ‘asexual’ category at some point.

13. You satisfy yourself

Instead of using a random stranger to fulfill any urges you get, you can take care of it all by yourself.

14. You don’t need physical intimacy

You would be 100% fine with a relationship based around feelings and emotions rather than physical contact.