The extent of pesticide use in one small state.

The extent of how much Monsanto weed killer was used in one small state in one year has been revealed.

62,458 pounds of glyphosate was used on crops in the little state of Vermont in the year 2016.

Monsanto’s top selling weed killer ‘Roundup’ is the world’s most popular.

Sales of the stuff have been growing ever since it was introduced and the product makes millions of dollars a year for the company.

But health concerns associated with the pesticides main ingredient, glyphosate, has led to many people being wary about how much is used on crops.

Monsanto say that glyphosate is safe to ingest in the ‘minute’ levels that people are exposed to, and that it poses no risk to human health at these small levels.

But 62,458 pounds of the stuff on not a lot of crops in just one year doesn’t really sound like a tiny amount, does it?

Vermont’s Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets released the data on how many chemical pesticides including Monsanto’s Roundup and many others were used in their state from the years 2014-2017.

In just three short years, the levels of pesticides used climbed by 27%!

The data collated looked at use of  glyphosate, atrazine, 2,4-D and other pesticides.

Michael Colby, co-founder of Regeneration Vermontanalysed the data.

He said:

“GMO corn is now grown on more than 92,000 acres in Vermont, making it – by far – the state’s number one crop.

And all of it is being grown for the state’s 135,000 cows, mostly now confined as the large, mega-dairy model increasingly takes over, seen most dramatically in Franklin and Addison counties, where “farms” are now warehousing thousands of cows.”

Colby described the high pesticide levels as a ‘toxic stew’ which is brewing in what many people consider to be a lush, wholesome farming state.

He also noted that the cocktail of 34 different toxic products is polluting the states water supplies.

The fact that one small state used such an amount of pesticides in one year shows just how prevalent these toxic chemicals are.

Glyphosate has been categorized by the World Health Organization as a ‘probable human carcinogen’. 

Monsanto say that it’s fine to ingest a little of the stuff and that we shouldn’t worry because we will never be consuming enough of the stuff to harm us.

But if the level of pesticides jumped by 27% in just three years, where is it going to stop? How near in the future will we get to the point where we ARE ingesting enough pesticides for it to harm us?

H/T Organic Consumers