How to navigate the world when you are an empath.

An empath is a person who is born with an incredible gift.

These people are highly sensitive to the world and the people around them, which extends further than being ‘sensitive’.

They have a deep understanding of the emotions that those around them are feeling. This can mean that they are excellent listeners and great at solving problems and helping others.

But it has its downfalls, too. Being an empath can be highly draining, and many of them feel exhausted after spending too much time in the company of others.

If you are an empath who finds it hard to switch off, try these 8 helpful techniques which will take some of the weight off your shoulders.

1. Essential oils and incense.

While a lot of people use essential oils and incense to help them relax, it can be particularly helpful for an empath. The highly tense situations that an empath can find themselves in when interacting with others means they really need to unwind at the end of the day. Try using juniper, pine, sweetgrass, sage, and cedar in particular.

2. Making ‘me’ time.

It is especially important for an empath to have time to themselves, more so than most regular people. Make sure you spend at least 15 minutes a day on your own, either doing something you enjoy or simply being at peace with yourself.

3. Smudging.

This ancient practice physically takes away negative energy by burning it out of the atmosphere. You will feel much better after smudging, using white sage, frankincense, Palo Santo or copal.

4. Water.

Aside from making sure you drink enough water, an empath can really relax when they place themselves next to sources of natural water. Taking a walk by a river, stream or the sea grounds you with nature.

5. Put up boundaries.

Because spending time with an empath makes people feel so good, they are often in high social demand. Make sure you don’t spread yourself too thinly among your friends and have those days where you say ‘sorry, I need to be on my own today‘.

6. Learn how to say no.

An empath will normally find themselves saying yes to everything. From helping a friend out of sticky situation, to being coerced into an activity they would rather not be doing. Saying ‘no’ when you want to needs to be a necessity.

7. Meditation.

Even a 5 or 10 minute meditation session per day can help an empath shake the emotional baggage of the day. There are many great meditation apps which will set reminders to help you take time out.

8. Professional help.

Seeking the help of a professional therapist or life coach if you feel that you have been giving too much of yourself to other people.