Alternative teeth cleaning methods – 100% natural.

Many cosmetic items contain less than ideal ingredients.

Most soaps, shampoos and bathroom products contain long lists of chemical ingredients, which can wreak havoc with your body.

You might be aware about the dangers of harmful chemicals in deodorants and shampoo, but did you know that many toothpastes also contain the chemical sodium laurel sulphate?

This chemical is a staple in any personal product that ‘foams’ as you use it. That’s right, it is the same chemical which foams in your hair to give it that freshly washed feel which is also used in toothpastes and activates when you brush your teeth.

Dentist Dr. Steve Lin says of sodium laurel sulphate:

“There’s no benefit to your oral health.”

So why do so many toothpastes contain it? The simple answer is that it is a cheap and widely available chemical which tricks the brain into thinking your teeth have been really cleaning, thanks to the foaming action that we associate with ‘cleaning’.

If the idea that brushing your teeth with the same chemical that you wash your hair with puts you off, don’t worry. There are other natural alternatives.

Activated charcoal is one of these alternatives. Long before sparkly white toothpaste was invented, people used charcoal to clean their teeth. While this might sound crazy – using something black to make your teeth white, it does work.

This is due to the make-up of charcoal. It is a natural abrasive, and being 100% natural, it gently cleans and whitens your teeth without any nasty chemicals.

Activated charcoal is made from carbon, and it has a porous surface area which means it has the potential to activate with everything it comes into contact with.

The large surface area of activated charcoal makes it perfect for picking up every bit of food debris in your mouth, giving you a much better clean than with regular toothpastes.

Not only this, but activated charcoal also has detoxifying qualities. Brushing with it can help to leech out any toxins lurking in your mouth. It is also helpful for reducing odor and getting rid of stains!

Dr. Lin also says that for a completely healthy mouth, not only brushing is important. Selecting foods and drinks that are low in processed sugars are one of the best ways to protect teeth against stains and plaque build up, which causes cavities and the dreaded tooth ache.