Freaky ‘square clouds’ – proof that geoengineering is far from natural.

Geoengineering is one of the biggest kept secrets of the modern world.

When gazing up into the sky you might expect that the sky and clouds are some of the only remaining ‘pure’ parts of the earth we have left.

While the rest of the earth is slowly being destroyed by harmful practices such as plastic pollution, our atmosphere has not got away unscathed.

The highly controversial application of geoengineering is thought to be more dangerous than the government are letting on.

It is being used across the globe in an effort to reduce the effects of global warming, it does this by chemically altering the atmosphere.

A video which has captured the bizarre sight of a perfectly square cloud above Tucson, Arizona suggests that something very weird is going on up there.

The video (below) clearly shows an enormous cloud, perfectly square with sharp 90 degree corners.

The video has roused suspicions that this could be proof of the highly secretive HAARP program. This program is run by the USAF, a division of the US Navy known to carry out geoengineering practices.

Those in favor of continuing with geoengineering programs, notably the government and the military claim that geoengineering is perfectly safe.

But just one look at this square cloud shows how much of an effect the process has on the natural environment.

Geoengineering technology is so powerful that it has the ability to completely change and control entire weather systems.

There is no denying that in recent years the world has seen more extreme weather than ever before. Could it be that untested experiments such as geoengineering has completely messed up our weather systems?

In the process of geoengineering, the atmosphere is pumped full of chemicals including aluminum, barium, strontium and others. Adding an abundance of chemicals into the environment where they do not usually occur is potentially hazardous, although the government would rather that we didn’t know this.

The long term effects of geoengineering have not been studied, and some environmentalists warn that it could be catastrophically bad to continue interfering in the atmosphere in this way.

Those in favor of geoengineering have tried hard to be as incognito as possible on the practice. The US patent for one geoengineering system is #4,686,605, and it is called“Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere.”