The reason why behind every strong woman, there is a broken past.

While the world is still very much male dominated, there are more women than ever in positions of power.

The ‘strong independent woman’ character is one which has gained more recognition in recent years.

Known as the ‘alpha female’ these women take on masculine roles and you will often find them in traditional ‘male’ roles.

Because these women have never really had a voice before, the world has become fascinated by them. These women are considered to be hard to understand – and there is a reason for this.

Due to the fact that the world is still so masculine, women in positions of power have to play two roles – the male and the female.

This conflict damages the woman to a certain extent, and in most cases she is already damaged.

‘Powerful women’ usually come from a woman who has been so damaged by her life and relationships that she has no other way to turn.

The world see the way a woman should act in very certain terms. They should be a mother and a wife, and not normally anything else. We wonder what could be ‘wrong’ with these women, and the truth is that they are ¬†probably hurting.

The side that you don’t see from these women is when after a day of pretending to be strong, they go home and break down on their own, away from the eyes of the world.

However, throughout history women have had to be strong, much stronger than they get credit for. The struggles that women face throughout their whole lives means they are used to suffering in silence.

The ‘strong woman’ facade

These strong women are great actresses, they can fool everyone in their life. They can appear to the outside world that they have everything together. When inside they might be falling apart.

Inside the workplace she is able to fool everyone into believing that she never doubts herself, when she sometimes does. She is even capable of fooling her nearest and dearest, pretending to be strong all of the time.

Because the world comes down so hard on women who show their emotions, the alpha female has mastered the art of hiding hers. In private is the only time she can really let go and be herself, and release her emotions.

The alpha female is a strong and powerful being, and a force to be reckoned with.