How to understand the ‘seven year cycle’ everything goes through…

Every person goes through the same changes every seven years of their life.

You might not sometimes realize the path that you are on, but be sure that significant changes are made every seven years.

0-7 Years

The first seven years of your life are associated with the moon. During these early childhood years you learn lots of formative information. It is in these first seven years that you learn the power of culture and religion, and are heavily influenced bu your parents or guardians.

7-17 Years

The next seven years are when the building work from the first seven is expanded. Thoughts and ideas are explored and you start to have an understanding of your feelings and emotions. In this time we start to realize what our purpose is in life. Mercury rules in this second stage of life.

14-21 Years

The third stage is ruled by Venus. You begin to mature and start to explore your sexuality. You will start to open the door to new experiences and start to fully understand what your relationships with others mean.

21-28 Years

In the fourth stage, we start to re-evaluate everything we have learned previously. Feelings that we had through the previous three stages are often lost or changed during this important period.

29-35 Years

As anther seven year cycle begins, here we start truly embracing ourselves and really find out who we are. You might find yourself in this stage feeling completely different to the person you were one, or two cycles ago.

35-42 Years

After the previous stage, you now feel completely yourself, and are ready to share what you have learned with those around you. In this stage you might feel like you have finally really gotten to know yourself.

42-49 Years

This cycle can often be a turbulent one. Ruled by Mars, this is when people may begin to have a conflict with themselves, as the lifecycle might appear to have come full circle, and people feel empty or lost.

49-56 Years

This is the cycle when you begin to realize the gravity of your own mortality. You will become pensive, and wish to start reflecting on your journey and how far you have come in life.

56-63 Years

After the previous cycles which may have been distressing, in this cycle a person will finally become free, and at peace with themselves, the world, and their own mortality.

63-70 Years

Once again, you begin to feel like you have discovered yourself again, only this time it is a deeper understanding. As societies expectations of you are lowered, you are set free by the world.

70-77 Years

In this cycle you begin to appreciate the subtleties of life, and you will be able to love deeper than ever before.

77-84 years and beyond

In these years, you will be able to greatly draw on everything you have learned in life and you will be able to remove any and all negativity from your world so that you can live at peace.