Ancient Mayan civilization found hidden in Guatemala.

It is discoveries like that that really emphasize how little we know about our own planet.

The history of humankind has been so short in terms of the universe as a whole, that huge swathes of history have been wiped out with little more than relics to remember them by.

In just a few short thousand years the entire face of the planet has changed, and places that were once home to civilizations of millions are now no more than a scorch mark on the earth.

One such discovery is the recent unearthing of a Mayan civilization, found in Guatemala which is thought to have been home to up to 10 million citizens.


The Mayan civilization is one of the most fascinating, what we know about them is that they were incredibly knowledgeable and advanced for such an ancient people.

Their architecture in particular is something to behold, their buildings are like nothing else that was built in the world at this time, showing just how forward thinking they were.

Scientists used ‘aerial mapping’ which uncovered ‘tens of thousands of hidden structures’, The Guardian reports.

They found Mayan houses, pyramids, places of work and worship including four huge Mayan places of worship complete with plazas.

The findings have changed everything researchers say they previously thought about the Mayan civilization and that it was likely much larger than previously.

Said Francisco Estrada-Belli, a research assistant professor at Tulane University said:

“Their agriculture is much more intensive and therefore sustainable than we thought, and they were cultivating every inch of the land.”

Irrigation canals that were unearthed show that the Mayans understanding of farming and agriculture was highly civilized.

Thomas Garrison, assistant professor of anthropology at Ithaca College in New York said:

“There’s state involvement here, because we see large canals being dug that are re-directing natural water flows,”

Garrison also said that he and other researchers had been close to unearthing this area before, but they were hindered by the density of the forest which was hiding the Mayan secrets.

He said:

“I found it, but if I had not had the Lidar and known that that’s what it was, I would have walked right over it, because of how dense the jungle is.”

“The jungle, which has hindered us in our discovery efforts for so long, has actually worked as this great preservative tool of the impact the culture had across the landscape,”

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