US ‘dead zone’ – Tyson Foods named as top culprit in pollution.

One of the biggest producers of food in the US has been blamed for the dead zone in the Gulf Coast.

For years now there has been an area off the Gulf of Mexico, 9000sq miles big, where pollution is so bad that life has been wiped out.

Nothing can survive in the area thanks to the millions of liters of polluted waste that is dumped in the area on an hourly basis.

Pollution from agriculture in the US is thought to be twice as bad every year than the huge BP oil spill.

And now Tyson Foods have been named as the worst offender. The company specializes in processed meat products – an industry which produces some of the highest amount of waste.

The umbrella corporation owns popular brands such as Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Ball Park, and Sara Lee. But all of this cheap produce has come at a cost. Each time you purchase foods from these brands you are contributing to the waste products that are dumped in the unfortunate dead zone.

The new report which names Tyson Foods goes into detail about the levels of waste products that are dumped in the area.

The report states:

“Iowa, where 65 percent of the state is covered in corn and soy, is suffering the highest concentrations of nitrate pollution in the country, at levels far exceeding the federal standard for safe drinking water,”

Due to high demand for these cheap meat products, there will always be a huge problem with waste products. Until the shift changes away from lesser quality meat products and the majority of people start to eat organic, only then will the problem begin to subside.

Petition for change

Eco-friendly company Mighty Earth campaign director Lucia von Reusner has highlighted how companies like Tyson Foods should be held responsible.

She said:

“Americans should not have to choose between producing food and having healthy, clean water,”

“Big meat companies like Tyson have left a trail of pollution across the country, and have a responsibility to their customers and the public to clean it up.”

For years companies have gotten away with dirty practices like the poor management of waste products, and they have slipped under the radar.

But now people are waking up and they demand that more needs to be done to help the environment. A petition has been started to raise awareness for the pollution problem in the dead zone using the hashtag #CleanItUpTyson, which can be found here.