Bob Marley played this amazing concert TWO days after being shot.

Bob Marley is famous all across the world for the messages of peace and love that resonate through his music.

But unlike many modern artists, he lived the reality of his opinions, embracing love even in the face of violence.

During the time when he was at his most famous, there was a fierce political clash in his home country of Jamaica.

The clash centered around the differences between the right wing ‘Jamaican Labor Party’ and ‘People’s National Party’ on the left.

The political rivalry brought intense violence to the country and no-one was safe, not even the nations favorite music star.

Bob Marley’s music had one central idea – to spread love and peace. This was especially poignant at the time during such unrest.

His music called on people from both sides, from every walk of life to abandon their hate and instead focus on peace and creating a harmonious world for everyone.

However this message fell on deaf ears from members of a particular group. Just two days before he was set to play a free concert, the Smile Jamaica Concert, in an effort to unite the country, an assassination attempt was made of Marley’s life.

During a rehearsal for the concert, he, his wife Rita and his manager Don were shot at by unidentified gunmen.

Despite denying it, the Jamaican Labor Party were heavily embroiled in the row, as people suspect that they were trying to shut down Marley’s message of hope and peace.

Assassination attempt

Practicing what he preached however, Marley did not let a little thing like being shot get in his way.

He went on with the show, and pulled an amazing performance out of the bag, incredibly with the bullet that struck him still inside him.

Bob was asked about his amazing courage to carry on with the show, both in terms of his physical injury and the danger that he could be shot again.

He replied:

“The people who are trying to make this world worse aren’t taking a day off. How can I?”

The attempted assassination of Bob Marley and his perseverance in the face of hate and violence have only acted to strengthen and give more emphasis to his music. He was a man who stood up for what he believed in, and this in itself is a great demonstration of hope.

Watch Bob Marley’s amazing performance just two days after being shot below…

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