Does this sound like you? 6 signs you have an ‘alpha personality’.

Reflecting on your own personality can be one of the hardest things for a person to do.

We all like to believe that we act on good intentions and are well liked by our friends and peers. However there is a huge disparity in the range of human personalities.

A select few people in the world have what is called an ‘alpha personality’. These people are unaware of their own strength and influence over others.

People with alpha personalities can often intimidate others – without even realizing it. Ask them why they act like they do and they will reply ‘that’s just the way I am’.

Having an alpha personality is not a bad thing, it means you are true to yourself and you know what you want.

The fact that most people in the world are the exact opposite of this means that they can appear intimidating, but son’t let this get you down.

6 signs you have an alpha personality

1. You always speak your mind

So many people shy away from saying what they really feel. This makes communication hard and can cause relationships to break down. An ‘alpha’ will always say exactly what they feel, even if it means upsetting people sometimes.

2. You are wiser than your years

An alpha in their twenties or even their teens will display signs of emotional intelligence way beyond their actual age. They can tap into other people’s experiences using their heightened sense of empathy which helps them to grow before they age.

3. You see solutions where others see problems

Can you always see the way out of a sticky situation? Do you find it easy to find solutions where others can’t? Alpha personalities can quickly find answers to problems where others don’t have the right frame of mind to be able to.

4. You have a zero tolerance policy on ignorance

You will never find an alpha making excuses for other people’s ignorance. If someone has not bothered to educate themselves emotionally or academically, and alpha will not be able to find a way to communicate with them.

5. You have a love of new experiences

An alpha becomes bored easily with day to day life that others enjoy, or endure. They seek out new experiences wherever they can because they know that our time on earth is precious and should be exhilarating.

6. You cut to the chase

Hate small talk? Do you get annoyed when people are sat around talking and not doing anything? Alphas find it impossible to skirt around a situation and they will always get straight to the point.

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