Now this is a hotel with a difference.

A hospitality company has re-written what the term ‘dirty weekend’ normally means.

‘Holiday’ firm The Good Girls Company have begun offering thrill-seekers a weekend break in which they can indulge in cocaine and sex with up to 60 prostitutes.

The package holiday the company are offering is in a place called ‘Sex Island’ and the brochure boasts of a ‘drug friendly environment’ filled with 60 hookers for a maximum of 30 guests.

There is obviously a gap in market for this sort of thing, located in Columbia the holiday deal apparently has been set up to provide what a lot of people ‘holidaying’ in this part of the world are looking for.

The getaway is located on a private island in the South American country, off the coast of Cartagena, and they states that pick up and drop-off at the location is provided. No doubt if the secret location was revealed it would be over-run with college drop-outs and divorcees within a week.

The Good Girls Company even released a promotional video on YouTube which showcased what participants in the ‘Sex Island’ resort could expect, but it was taken down from the site for being too sexually graphic.

The promotion of the island heavily features young and good looking people but of course sometimes things look a lot better in the brochure than they do in real life.

The Mirror reports that the holiday package offers participants ‘erotic massages’ and ‘threesomes’ as well as the rather more wholesome pastimes of golf and horseback riding, presumably there is a point where you would get sick of taking cocaine and having sex with prostitutes.

The companies website boasts that the island allows you to ‘live life as you always imagined‘ and is for ‘a discreet and beautiful environment for men to fulfill their wildest fantasies’.

The company revealed:

“We will have 60 hot women serving 30 clients; there will be two women for each of them (available) 24 hours a day. The price includes all meals these days.”

The package holiday will surely come as a relief to men who have been unable to find women who want to sleep with them based on merit.

Although obviously illegal, Columbia and other countries notable for their cocaine prevalence are frequented by those looking to indulge in the white stuff in a place where they know it will be easy to find, the Good Girls Company are just making it easier for people to find what they want.

Via The Anti Media

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