The state of Arkansas sues Big Pharma over opioid crisis.

The opioid crisis is the biggest health epidemic the US has seen in a very long time.

As with every bad move Big Pharma makes, it seems that they are immune from the repercussions that their mistakes have made.

But one state is now seeking to claim damages for the health of their citizens.

The state of Arkansas are suing Big Pharma over claims that they knew full well just how dangerous opioids are. Big Pharma have always claimed that they did not know how much of a health crisis the strong painkillers would cause.

But many believe that they did know, and they continued to push these drugs anyway. Big Pharma are notorious for putting profits over public health, and this is a prime example.

The lawsuit names 52 opioid manufacturers as culpable, as well as 13 distributors, physicians, pharmacists and retailers.

Prosecutors claim that Big Pharma:

falsely touted the benefits of long-term opioid use, including the supposed ability of opioids to improve function and quality of life,”

When Big Pharma first started producing opioids, they couldn’t believe how popular they were. People just couldn’t get enough, and they kept coming back for more.

Never did the producers of these drugs stop and think what they were doing to the health of the nation. Now the fallout has occurred and the number of opioid deaths has surpassed the number of gun deaths in the US. 

No responsibility

However, Big Pharma still claim that they had no idea how dangerous they were. Surely when creating a new range of super-drugs you might think that rigorous testing would have occurred.

The lawsuit states:

“Each Defendant spent, and some continue to spend, millions of dollars on promotional activities and materials that falsely deny or trivialize the risks of opioids while overstating the benefits of using them to treat chronic pain.

As to the risks, Defendants falsely and misleadingly, and sometimes contrary to the language of their drugs’ labels: downplayed the serious risk of addiction; promoted the concept of “pseudo-addiction” and thus advocated that the signs of addiction should be treated with more opioids.”

Many people who became addicted to prescription opiods had no choice but to turn to street drugs like heroin. When their prescriptions were stopped, they were left addicted to the drug, and were forced to turn to underground street dealers to get their fix.

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