This unknown essential oil has been hiding away a range of amazing health benefits.

Frankincense oil has been used for centuries by the Babylonians, the Assyrians and the Egyptians, and is inherently linked to Jesus Christ through being one of his birth gifts from the wise men.

A relatively obscure oil, Frankincense oil is made in the process of being taken from the bark of the Boswellias tree. It has a heady aroma and is of great therapeutic value.

It can be used to treat:

Cuts, scrapes and burns – especially combined with lavender oil this heals wounds fast.

Neurology – It is known to balance the senses and help with brain functions and clarity.

Fades scars – 2-3 drops will reduce the appears of scars.

Reduces stress – when taken at night, it releases a sense of total calm and relaxation.

Hormones – it can help balance hormones and improve your memory.

Ageing skin – mixed with coconut oil it has great anti-ageing properties.

Tension headaches – the effects of frankincense oil help greatly reduce headaches caused by tension.

Congestion – mix a few drops with hot water and inhale to clear your congestion right away.

Itch relief – is useful against skin itching in bites and allergies.

Relieves joints – massaged into painful joints will give instant relief.

Problem skin – applied to spots and blemishes it will help clear the skins appearance.

Enhance vision – frankincense helps you to relax and can gives you clearer vision.

Oral health – can be used for toothaches and to improve mouth health in general.

Promotes sleep – used on your pillow will ensure you get a great night’s sleep.