Trump business adviser personally benefited from safety law changes.

A wealthy business owner who ‘advised’ Trump on infrastructure, personally benefited from pipeline safety regulation changes.

Joshua Harris, who founded Apollo Global Management is known to have advised the Trump administration on matters of business. And then as luck would have it, he greatly benefited from subsequent changes in the law.

The business magnate was even considered for a job at the White House, but this never came to fruition. This case highlights the corruption that still very much exists in the White House and in the general running of the country.

After being sworn in, Trump claimed he was going to ‘drain the swamp’, referring to previous corruption that is well known to occur to the highest levels of government. Rather than working for the country, it seems that the entire legislative system is in place purely to benefit those rich and powerful enough to have a say in it.

Richard Painter who worked as an ethics lawyer under the Bush administration told Think Progress:

“It is a very serious conflict of interest when you have the president and other officials who work for him who are indebted to any business or any entity that wants something out of the United States government,”

“The whole thing stinks to high heaven.”

Painter says that an obvious conflict of interests should never have been allowed to happen at such a high level, but sadly this is not an isolated case.

In 2016 the The Department of Transportation implemented a new rule which would be scrupulous in testing whether gas lines were safe or not. After previous incidents, the new law was thought to have been set to prevent around 40 gas pipeline accidents per year.

Gas pipeline accidents are on the rise, as the number of new pipelines are created. Gas pipelines are bug business, and those with pipeline companies certainly have the right amount of money in order to ‘persuade’ the government into making laws in their favor.

This new rule proposed by the Department of Transport was delayed indefinitely by the Trump administration in June of last year. Similar gas pipeline safety laws were also put on hold by the Trump administration just days after he came to power, including one that had been in the making for six years. Does Trump have public interest at heart or is he still acting as if he’s the judge on The Apprentice?

H/T Think Progress