Raw milk companies are being shut down by the FDA.

The FDA have issued letters to a number of raw milk farmers insisting that they comply with new FDA rules or risk getting shut down.

Around 10 million people in the U.S has made the switch to raw milk, some of the benefits that they claim of it include healthier hair and nails, a reduction in allergies, weight loss and an 100% natural grantee.

Pasteurized cows milk is falling out of favor with the public, as it increasingly linked with health risks and allergies.

The chemicals that are used to treat milk can give people allergic reactions, and many people prefer to drink the raw product, in the knowledge that it is 100% natural and has not been tampered with.

One PA dairy official spoke of the FDA’s desire to target the raw milk industry in this way, they said: 

“The FDA has been trying for years to shut down raw milk and they have not been able to. But now they have come up with this plan. And it’s working! The FDA is very effectively using fear of risk to threaten and force the milk co-ops to do their dirty work for them.”

The FDA have put the new rules in place to target larger companies who buy their milk raw off the dairy framers, and then pasteurize it themselves. The dairy farmers need to sell some of their raw milk in this way to make ends meet.

The new rule means extra stringent checks will be put on the larger companies to make sure every rule is followed to the detail, and this will impact on the smaller farmers.

If one small batch of milk is found to not have passed the proper checks, the farmers will be penalized, and these are often farmers who run small businesses.

Via Health Nut News

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